Friday, October 7, 2011

*drool* Banana, toffee cupcakes

This was a quick fix for a cupcake craving. Simple banana cake covered in a toffee buttercream (an entire bottle of toffee!!!). I wished I had caramelised nuts to sprinkle on top but unfortumately I had to settle with chocolate sprinkles. My next misson is to do a caramel cake with Peanut butter icing, i will keep you updated on that.

Mini Rainbows

These are a mini version of the rainbow cake that I have on the site. They took so long, it almost broke my heart but was well worth it in the end.

It is a simple vanilla cake mixture that I have added colouring too; I would like to try it with four different flavours sometime in the future.

I iced them with a mixture of white choc cheese cake icing and vanilla buttercream and used crazy colours.

Banana, Carmel and pecan cake

No need to elaborate the tilte reveals all. This is a banana cake that I  drizzled home made caramel over and covered with pecan nuts. This was a very yummy combination and plan on making a lot more of it.

Can anyone say Halloween treat??!?!

Mint chocolate mission

Ollooo, i mean hello all.

i know it has been a while since our last entry but a lot of baking has taken place. One cake I am particularly excites to talk about is my mint aero chocolate giant cupcake. Oh yes, you heard right. The cake is a light and fluffy mint flavoured and green tinged cake. It is full of creamy chocolate filling and frosted with the same chocolate frosting and also a green mint frosting. I decorated it with stars and pieces of mint aero. It was for a friend's birthday so I also made a chocolate plaque and wrote her name on it.

I have also made this flavour in normal cupcakes, it is particularily fun as it is spooky looking with the green colouring. It would make a good cake for halloween or a birthday party.