Monday, May 16, 2011

Starry 15!

This was actually one I made for my brothers 15th birthday party. This was a very last minute cake. I am in love with my giant cupcake mould despite it's misgivings. I decided to do the icing a crazy colour to keep it fun and he is fond of bright, bold colours and ended up using an entire bottle of blue food colouring! Going to invest in some gel colouring!

This is a chocolate cake full of home-made caramel (something which I am very proud of). My brother is new cheesecake fan; so I made the icing White chocolate cream cheese icing. the cake went down a treat with the family and then he took it into school and it went down a treat with his teachers and friends.


We are two Pharmacology (nearly) graduates; who are obsessed with cakes and anything sweet and cute. Now that we are finished college, for the time being at least, we have decided to invest in this sugar fueled hobby and make cakes/cupcakes/desserts to order!! Plus we will post pictures to make you drool and update with any wonderful new recipes and ideas that we stumble upon.


Robyn & Amy