Friday, July 22, 2011

Taste the Rainbow


I did it!!! For ages I have wanted to make the rainbow cake and finally this weekend I did just that. 6 layers of colourful goodness. And typical me, I used liquid food colouring, it turned out surprisingly well. : ) Although I did detect an increased level of energy and hysteria after the children had consumed it. This cake just cheered everyone up on a miserable day!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goodbye cake!

One of the girls I work with is off to greener pastures; so to send her on her way I made her a big pink cupcakes. This giant cupcake mould is paying for itself. It is just a classic vanilla sponge with a gooey caramel centre and white chocolate cheesecake icing.

A funny story about the flowers, the shop where I would usually get them was closed by the time I finished work so I went to the closest Avoca cafe and offered to pay them a lot of money for some flowers. However the girls were absolutely saintly and gave them to me free of charge.  

Cupcakes for the sake of cupcakes

When I make a normal batch of cupcakes I always hide a few from my brothers and bring them into the few girls I work with in the shop. One day I was caught red handed by everyone else and they demanded I brink them in cupcakes also.
I have been toying around with my mint aero cupcake idea, (which has been very successful let me tell you) and I decided to make a huge batch of mint aero and vanilla cupcakes for all of the people I work with. 56 CUPCAKES, transporting them was a nightmare.

I actually got the peppermint essence from Avoca, it smells soooo yummy when you open the bottle. My fingers were very green after using the colouring, yet another reason i really need to invest in gel food colouring.
This picture makes me drool, i can promise you not a single drop of this icing was wasted.